2019 Frontline Demonstration : Agro-Forestry


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Promotion on Cultivation of Lac host Flemingiasemialata for Lac cultivation for enhancing rural livelihood.


IINRG, Namkum, Ranchi, 2014



: Paired row- 0.5m within paired rows, plant – plant 1m, 2.0m between two paired row, pl – pl 1m (8000 pls /ha)

Single row – 1.0m, pl-pl 1.0m (10,000 pls/h

1. Survivality %

2. Yield of Lac/ha.  



Cultivation of Improved dwarf variety of Coconut(Kalpajyothi)

ICAR-CPCRI Kasaragod 2018


Spacing of 25’ x 25’(7.5 x 7.5 m) with 175 plants/ha,20’ spacing between   


   Pit size of 3’ x3’ x 3’.Fill the pits with 1:1:1 FYM,Sand and top soil upto   

   two feet (60cm)

1.Survival %

 2. Yield

 3. Farmers reaction