2019 Frontline Demonstration: Animal Science

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Popularization of Integrated Duck cum Fish farming

CIFRI, West Bengal 2012 


1. Surface feeder: Catla

2. Mid-water feeder: Grass carp

3. Bottom feeder: Common carp

4. Stocking Density 10000 fingerlings.

5. Fish feed: oil cakes, banana leaves, planktons and grasses

6. Duck breed: Khaki Campbell

7. Duck feed: kitchen waste, rice bran, snails, weeds and grass.






1.Water temperature

2.Soil & Water  pH

3.Water turbidity

4. Growth performance of the fish/month

5.Production (Qt/ha)

6. Growth performance of duck/month

7. Disease incidence in ducks

8. Adult  duck body weight

9. Avg. annual egg production



Popularization of Japanese Quail

CAU, Selesih, Mizoram. 2011

1.Housing in Bamboo cage       

Height : 5 ft having four tiers

Length : 3 ft

Width  : 2 ft

2.Broiler pre-starter 1st -2nd week

4.Broiler starter 3rd -5th week

5.Layer mash 5th week onwards


1. Age at first lay (days) 

2. Body weight at first lay (gms) 

3. Annual egg production (Nos) 

4. FCR upto 6th week 

5. BCR