2019 On Farm Trial  (Animal Science)

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Performance of Crossbred Dairy cows on milk yield and reproductive system upon dietary supplementation of Area Specific Mineral Mixture

AAU, CVSc Khanapara 2015

1. Anthelmintics @ 5-10 mg/kg BW

2.Vaccination against FMD/HS & BQ


4. Duration : 4 months

1. Monthly Average Milk yield (Litres)

2. Fat %

3. SNF %

4. Repeat Breeding

5. BCR


Studies on growth and carcass traits of Kadaknath Poultry

GAD Veterinary  and Animal  Sciences University, Ludhiana, Punjab 2015    


1.Semi-Intensive system

3.Starter feed upto 3rd week

4.Grower feed 4th -7th week

5.Finisher feed 8th week onwards

6.Vaccination against Ranikhet, Fowl Pox,IBD

7. Supplement @ 20-60ml/100birds



1. Age at first laying

2. Weekly body weight gain

3. Egg weight at 30th week

4. Adult Male weight

5. Adult female weight

6. Annual Egg production

7. BCR

8. Weight  of Prime parts (Thighs, Breast, Drumsticks) at 16th week

9. Weight of    internal organs (Heart, Liver, Gizzard)  at 16th week